Birch (Betula verrucosa)

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Our suppliers for Birch are located in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. All raw timber that is used for production comes from legal impact and reforested forests. We also have the possibility to supply FSC®-certified timber. The light birch timber is long-fiber, yellowish white to light brown and slightly silky. The mean bulk density based on a moisture content of 12 % is about 600 kg / m³. Birch is easy to machine, manually and mechanically as well. The surfaces are excellently stained, polished and lacquered. Birch is preferred in furniture construction such as tables and chairs as well as decorative interior design.

Another special mode of use are sport equipment constructions, musical instrument making and the brush industry. We supply birch artificially dried, trimmed, planed and profiled according to our customers’ requirements. We also offer edge glue panels and other products for the above-mentioned areas of application.