Aspen (Populus tremula)

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Since 2002 we are procuring aspen timber and value added aspen products of one of the most efficient producers from Baltic region - exclusively for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux. Experience, reliability, continuity and consistent high qualities has made us become a leading supplier in this market. Due to a constant development in production we can offer a big product range focussed on semi-finished products for different purposes.

The manufacturing base of our supplier is located in one of the best growth areas for Aspen in north-eastern Latvia. All raw timber that is used for production comes from legal impact and reforested forests. We also have the possibility to supply FSC®-certified timber.

Aspen timber is a lightweight hardwood with various uses. Due to its consistent homogeneous structure, bright colour and odourlessness, aspen is a highly sought after type of timber. It is also sought because of its optical qualities, stability and dimensionally stable. The mean bulk density based on a moisture content of 12 % is about 500 kg / m³. The high wear resistance in relation to its low bulk density is remarkable. Aspen is a preferred material in building saunas. It has a low thermal conductivity and its free from interfering resin. Excellent as slats for sauna benches.


Thermo aspen

Thermo aspen accrues as a result of a modification under the influence of water vapor and particularly high temperatures. This technology changes the characteristics and colour of aspen timber. Under the thermal treatment, resins and extracts evaporate, so it becomes permanently less water-absorbent and it is also particularly resistant to the influence of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, aspen can be used both inside and outdoors.