About us

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Harry Schmitt Holzimport & Handel was founded in 2001. We are specialized in procurement of value-added timber products, produced to the needs of international markets. As a part of our function we also understand sales and marketing of already established products. A consistent product range, supplied by reliable suppliers to reasonable market conditions.

  • We guarantee easy accessibility and individual support for our customers.

  • We regard flexibility and reliability as our obligation.
  • Our network rests on a close and partnership-based cooperation with customers and suppliers.

  • Our expertise - 50 years of experience in a competitive and increasingly, specialized timber market.

  • Our intention – open up new markets, a reliable customer supply with high quality products plus sales and marketing of further developed products for an advantage of our customers and suppliers.

Our main countries of supply are the Baltic states (Latvia / Estonia / Lithuania). Ever since the company was founded, we have established great partnerships with solid and reliable producers and business partners. The maintenance and expansion of these relationships are very important to us.

We also have excellent connections in other countries of western Europe. Business trips are crucial for us to open up new sources of supply, new business contacts and opportunities for success.

We are internationally oriented. Our customers are based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg the Netherlands and other European countries as well. Wholesalers, sauna manufacturers, manufacturers of sport equipment, stairs / ladder companies and different woodworking companies all contribute to making up a large part of our client base.